Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY salon manicure

Well my day to day life as a cleaning company owner, wouldn't lead many to thinking i was into glamourous makeovers, but i do indulge in these more often than one would suspect!
My weekly relaxation ritual on a friday night in front of the t.v is to give myself a mani.
So today i thought i'd share my tips on having a salon perfect manicure at home.

I always start by exfoliating my hands with a scrub, any will do and if you dont have one on hand you can always make your own using some salt or sugar and olive oil. (just be sure to wash off the oil well)

Then i later on a richly scented moisturiser (being sure to avoid the nail area) i'm loving innoxa right now, great philosophy great product.

 After that its time to push back those cuticles using an orange stick and trim any excess skin with rounded cuticle scissers.

On to the polish, i always use a base coat that doubles as a shiney top coat. Maybelline have a great one for this. Apply one coat.
Apply your polish from the middle of the nail then one stroke on either side, this gives a less streaky finish. If your polish is beginning to thicken (due to air exposure) you can thin it down by applying a few drops of nail polish remover just add and test until desired consistancy is achieved.

Take your colour of choice and EITHER apply two coats, OR use a deep shade of brown, burgandy, or black under the colour to add depth and richness, or if you want the colour to be true to what it looks like in the bottle then apply an opaque white under instead. But whichever way you choose, you should now have 2 coats of colour (3 coats all up including base)

Finally apply your top coat.

And Va va voom, perfect salon DIY nails.
I can make these babies last a whole week whilst cleaning most days! Heres to happy mani's! joanna xo

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