Friday, March 4, 2011

tee-shirt cutting

Well, this is one of my quick and easy past times. I first got inspired to do this from Kat Von D, now more famously known in Australia for dating sandra bullock's ex! There are so many ways to do this, just try your ideas out on a few cheapies first to get an idea for how it all works.
I brought a $4.00 tee-shirt from target today in the boys dept, mostly because it had a zombie on the from and YES i am more than alittle obsessed with Zombie madness. The thing with living in a small seaside town is that shopping isn't real original. You have the chain stores and then a few boutiques, but nothing that you wont find someone else wearing at some point!
Soooo, i love buying Tee's that i know no-one else will be wearing and i often buy in the boys/mens dept and then bring out my scissors and design away!!!!
Todays creation....a zombie handmade designer Tee. So join me as i take you through my creative process...

Step 1. Find an orignial Tee-shirt thats close to your size it can be a tad small, as the cutting will make it looser.

Step 2. Cut out the neckine
Step 3. Cut off the bottom and the seam of the sleeves

Step 4. fold the Tee in half side ways so the sleeves are in the center and you can see half the front & half the back.
Step 5. Cut slices into the back about 1/3 of the way down leaving about an inch between each slice, you can make these the same size or from long to short or as i have done, larger to smaller to larger again. Do as many as you like, this will determine how much skin is viewed from the back.

Step 6. Stretch out the cuts in order to make them curl and not fray.

Step 7. Stretch out the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. 

Step 8. Add any additional designs to sleeves you desired!

And now admire your work!

Have fun creating your own one of a kind designer Tee's!
Joanna xo

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