Friday, March 11, 2011

its friday!

Yay, i dont know why but there is something super fun about fridays (maybe its because it means no work on the weekend) although once a business owner there is always work to do!
  I am soo excited to be collecting my professional photos of my models tomorrow...Finally feel like the pics i can put into my folio are a true reflection of the work i do.
  Aside from that today has been challenging. Working for site managers that act like they have all the power, is beyond rediculious! It actaully makes me laugh how ego's can assume that all everyone wants is "money" and that is where they have the upper hand...well let me tell you something MR EGO....M2O ain't going that way!
  We are a company of virtue and integrety, honesty and loyalty. WE give 100% ! I will not let my staff be treated as lesser individuals or with any dis-respect! No job is worth the moral of my workers. If someone will not pay when they gave me ytheir word they would (simply because they cant be bother filling the paper work), then dont expect the job to be done! I demand respect for my company, and its employees.
  This world is full of bullies, whether it cyber, work place, school yard, or within your peer group...IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Stand up for your rights, and be true to yourself, your beliefs, and your principles. No ammount of money is worth your self-respect or your dignity.

From the girl about to set things straight...

joanna xo

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