Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting a DIY salon fake bake!

Summer is almost over here in australia, and with the winter months comes dry and pale skin...but not with these tips and tricks on having a salon perfect DIY tan year round. These are the products you will need.
An oil-free moisturiser, an exfoliating scrub, a full strenght fake tanner, a daily fake tan.

Step 1. one wants a patchy tan. The trick to this is to use something that doesn't leave an oil-based film on your skin. I love DOVE's daily exfoliating shower scrub, its not too scratchy and is lightweight. I even use this on my face. (It retails for $4 from priceline pharmacy's)

Step 2. Lightly moisturise your knees, feet & ankles, wrists, and elbows. This stops product from buliding up in the tiny cracks these parts of the body place host to.

Step 3. Use a full-strength tanner of choice. Be warned the darker the shade is the more of that nasty fake tan smell the product will give off. This just comes with the territory, without DHA, the product wont develop. No matter what a company claims on its bottle at some stage of the processing a tan smell will occur! The only time this is virtually invisible is when using a daily tanner as the level of DHA is alot less.
I'm using Amcal chemist brand in : Instant extra dark self-tan mousse. (this retails for $10 for 150gms.) I like mousse based formulations as they dry quickly and feel light weight on the skin, they also work well in the humidity. This one is bronze in colour which means you know where you have put it, and you get colour whilst it is developing!
Step 4. Either re-apply your choosen shade 1 day later only on the parts that really need it. (never on feet, knees or elbows) OR as i do, wait a day or 2. Then begin to apply a daily tanning formula to maintain the tan without making it wear off in patches. I recommend using a daily tan once every 2 days to maintain results.I currently use St tropez daily gradual tanning mousse,(this is alittle pricey at $35 for 120mls) but i also like Doves version in light to medium.

 Step 5.Moisturise daily inbetween all this. Then once a week or as your tan fades ( i usually go ten days) exfoliate well and begin the whole process again. This is my routine for having flawlessly tanned skin year-round without the horrible tan build up!

ALWAYS TAN YOUR FACE. Mousse's are great for this as they dont cause breakouts! No-one looks good with a tanned body and a white face!!!!

This is me 2 days after tanning, without make-up. Oh i lie i am wearing mascara. :)

heres to an endless summer.
joanna xo

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